PA Native Excited to Receive Chips

Steve Nader is excited to receive his Middleswarth potato chips
FL Man, PA Native Is Excited to Receive His Middleswarth Potato Chips

“As a PA native and current resident of Florida, thank you for lowering your shipping rates.  We can now be gluttonous on your BBQ chips. Hands down the best chips on the market today!!!!”
Steve Nader

Steve, We were excited to get better shipping rates set up with FedEx too! We’re so happy to be able to pass the savings along! Thanks for sharing your photo!

7 thoughts on “PA Native Excited to Receive Chips

  1. I love all of your chips. My daughter turned me on to your Jalapeno chips but ,she say’s she can only find them in mini marts in small bags. Do you make them in bigger bags? and If so where cand I purchase them in my area. Shamokin,Pa !7872 Thank You.

  2. my favorite chips out of all brands. Been eating them from when I was a little girl back in the 60’s #1 chips

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