Proud lover of Middleswarth BBQ Kettle Cooked since 93

A detailed summary of a message from a friendly customer named Matthew: I have been eating Middleswarth chips since what feels like my day of birth. I wanted to share with you a recent story that provides your company with JUST how good your chips are.  I currently work for a company that has individualsContinue reading “Proud lover of Middleswarth BBQ Kettle Cooked since 93”

PA Native Excited to Receive Chips

“As a PA native and current resident of Florida, thank you for lowering your shipping rates.  We can now be gluttonous on your BBQ chips. Hands down the best chips on the market today!!!!”Steve Nader Steve, We were excited to get better shipping rates set up with FedEx too! We’re so happy to be ableContinue reading “PA Native Excited to Receive Chips”