Proud lover of Middleswarth BBQ Kettle Cooked since 93

1.5 oz. bag of kettle cooked barbecue Middleswarth potato chips

A detailed summary of a message from a friendly customer named Matthew:

I have been eating Middleswarth chips since what feels like my day of birth. I wanted to share with you a recent story that provides your company with JUST how good your chips are. 

I currently work for a company that has individuals all over the US. Myself, being a resident of Altoona, PA has had chips at any store on demand. The other areas of New Hampshire, New York, Florida, etc. did not and had zero clue as to what a “middles warth” was. I jokingly bought my manager a few bags and shipped them to her over the holidays so she could see the hype.

What Happened next was what one could only describe as a Christmas MIRACLE! My boss ate a bag, then another, then another. 4 bags down in 3 days. Her husband loved them. She loved them. She just couldn’t get enough. So much so that within 4 days of her first bbq crunch, she ordered 10 (yes 10) bags of chips! Soon after she told her boss who ordered some. Our co-workers then followed suit..Now everyone at Breezeline is all about the Middleswarth Life!

So to sum things up, even though we are working at home, your chips brought a company together….deliciously I might add.

Keep being awesome, I’ll be buying more soon!

-Matthew McDonald

Proud lover of Middleswarth BBQ Kettle Cooked since 93

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